Tambopata Tour 4 days



4 days

Physical Level


Tour Type


Group Size

Min 2 people, Max 12 people

Best Season

January to December


Delve into the untouched rainforest, exploring Lost Cocha’s diverse wildlife and enjoying panoramic views from an observation deck. Navigate tranquil waters on a canoe, visit Monkey Island to meet various monkey species, and witness a mesmerizing jungle sunset.

amazon 4 days tour


Visit the Amazon jungle, the most extensive and varied nature reserve on Earth, with abundant botanical and zoological species, and visit exuberant landscapes where you can find encounters with wildlife and nature.

On this tour, you can see the greatest biodiversity in the world, walking among the leafy branches, macaw parrot colpa, toucans, camungos, Shanshos (Hoatzin, which is a type of prehistoric wild chicken), herons, and other animals, such as Caimans, Turtles, insects, animals and go into the exotic jungle and, above all, ENJOY THE LANDSCAPE THAT THE AMAZON NATURE!

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What to Bring?

  • Insect Repellent with a minimum of 35 % deet.
  • Face tissue paper, toilet paper.
  • Binoculars.
  • Bathing suit.
  • Towel
  • Hands sanitizer
  • Camera.
  • Camera charger and, extra batteries.
  • Sunblock, sun hat.
  • Water bottle.
  • Flip flops or sandals.


670 Per person

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How do I get to Eco Amazonia Lodge?

A representative will meet you at the airport or bus station upon your arrival in Puerto Maldonado.

What wildlife can I see during the riverboat ride?

Potential sightings include Ronsocos, Caymans, Turtles, and Cormorants.

What is Cayman Cocha known for?

Cayman Cocha is a small lake famous for its abundant black Caiman and Caiman Crocodilus.

What animals can be spotted on Monkey Island?

Monkey Island is home to Maquisapas, Capuchins, Small Lion Monkeys, Frailes, Cotos, Coati, Sloths, and various bird species.

What is the significance of Lost Cocha?

Lost Cocha serves as a refuge and feeding ground for diverse animals, including otters, tapirs, jaguars, and a variety of fish species.

Is there a chance to see a giant otter at Lake Apu Victor?

On a good day, you may have the opportunity to spot the giant otter, a spectacular animal of the rainforest.

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Pay a deposit of $ 200.00 per person

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