Best Time to Do Salkantay Trek

Salkantay trek - Salkantay glacier

Welcome to our detailed guide on the best time to embark on the Salkantay Trek, one of Peru’s most awe-inspiring journeys. As seasoned guides from Cusco, we’re excited to share our expertise to help you plan an unforgettable trek to Machu Picchu.

Understanding Salkantay’s Seasons

The Dry Season (May to September)

Optimal Trekking Conditions

  • Weather: Expect clear, sunny days with little to no rain, offering excellent visibility.
  • Temperature: Daytime temperatures are comfortable, making it ideal for hiking.
  • Trail Condition: Trails are mostly dry, ensuring safer and more pleasant trekking.

Things to Consider

  • Popularity: This period attracts more hikers, making the trails busier.
  • Costs: Due to high demand, prices for accommodations and services might be higher.
Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu - view from Llactapata
Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu – view from Llactapata

The Shoulder Season (April, May, September, November)

A Balance of Comfort and Solitude

  • Weather: Mild and enjoyable, with a lower probability of rain and green vegetation along the Salkantay trek.
  • Advantages: Fewer tourists result in a more tranquil trekking experience.

Traveler’s Note

  • Accommodations: Easier to find lodging and trekking slots.
  • Experience: Perfect for those who prefer a quieter trail without compromising on the weather.

The Rainy Season (December to March)

A Lush, Yet Challenging Time

  • Weather: Frequent showers, leading to lush landscapes but slippery and muddy paths.
  • Considerations: Trails may be more challenging and at times, closed for safety.


  • Safety: Increased caution is advised on the trails.
  • Scenery: The landscapes are at their most vibrant, offering unique photographic opportunities.
Salkantay Trek

Month-by-Month Analysis

January & February

  • Status: Generally not recommended due to heavy rains and trail closures.


  • Status: Transition period with improving conditions later in the month.

April & May

  • Status: An excellent time with milder weather and fewer hikers.

June to August

  • Status: Perfect trekking conditions, but prepare for more fellow adventurers.


  • Status: Ideal for those seeking good weather and fewer crowds.

October & November

  • Status: Pleasant weather with fewer tourists, offering a peaceful trek.


  • Status: Early rainy season; hikers should be prepared for wet conditions.

Below is a table that breaks down the month-by-month analysis for the Salkantay Trek. This table provides a quick reference to the best times to trek based on weather conditions and crowd levels.

MonthWeather ConditionsTrekking ExperienceRecommendations
JanuaryHeavy rains, potential trail closuresLeast favorable for trekkingNot recommended
FebruaryContinued rains, unpredictable conditionsChallenging trekking conditionsNot recommended
MarchTransitioning weather, improving late in the monthBeginning of better conditionsRecommended late in the month
AprilMild weather, fewer touristsPleasant trekking conditionsHighly recommended
MayThe best time to visitIdeal for trekkingFewer tourists, a serene experience
JuneDry and sunny, comfortable temperaturesExcellent for outdoor activitiesHighly recommended
JulyPeak of dry season, clear weatherBusy with touristsGood, but expect crowds
AugustEnd of the dry season, fewer touristsGreat weather, decreasing crowdsHighly recommended
SeptemberThe best time to visitComfortable trekking conditionsSimilar to July, less crowded toward the end
OctoberBeginning of shoulder season, pleasant weatherLess crowded, enjoyable trekkingHighly recommended
NovemberEnd of shoulder season, mild weatherFewer tourists, serene experienceHighly recommended
DecemberStart of rainy season, wet conditionsSlippery trails, lush sceneryPossible but with caution

This table is designed to help you plan your trek considering both weather conditions and tourist traffic. Each month offers a unique experience, and the choice depends on your preferences for adventure and solitude.

Why Trek the Salkantay?

  • Scenic Variety: Journey through diverse ecosystems, from high Andean landscapes to lush rainforests.
  • Cultural Richness: Experience authentic Andean culture and history.
  • Challenge and Reward: Suitable for a range of hikers, offering both physical and spiritual fulfillment.

Budget-Friendly Tips

  • Accommodation: Opt for local guesthouses for an authentic and economical stay.
  • Transport: Use shared transportation to reduce costs.
  • Guided Experiences: Choose from a variety of guided treks, tailored to different skill levels and durations.

Essential Trekking Tips

  1. Acclimatize: Spend a few days in Cusco to adjust to the altitude.
  2. Gear Up: Pack suitable clothing and equipment for the season.
  3. Stay Hydrated: Carry enough water and purification methods.
  4. Cultural Respect: Embrace and respect the local traditions and environment.

FAQs for Trekking Salkantay

  • Safety: Salkantay is generally safe, but standard travel precautions should be followed.
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate, suitable for hikers with basic experience.
  • Permits: No permits are required, but solo trekkers should notify local authorities for safety.

Choosing the right time for your Salkantay Trek is crucial for an enjoyable experience. Whether you prefer the bustling high season or the quieter shoulder months, our guide aims to help you make an informed decision for your journey. With stunning views, rich culture, and diverse landscapes, the Salkantay Trek promises an adventure that you’ll cherish forever.

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