Salkantay Trek Meals – Food

Salkantay Trek Food - Meals

At Andean Soul Adventure, we understand that an exceptional trekking experience encompasses not only breathtaking landscapes but also a culinary journey that leaves a lasting impression. Our Salkantay Trek meals are meticulously curated to not only nourish but also delight your taste buds, ensuring every step of your adventure is infused with flavor and vitality.

A Gastronomic Expedition


As the sun graces the Andean horizon, our chefs set the stage for a breakfast spread that fuses tradition with innovation.

  • Andean Pancake Artistry: Delight in pancakes infused with the essence of ancient geoglyphs from the Nazca Lines Desert, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Peru.
  • Oatmeal Bliss with Apple Symphony: Revel in a hearty bowl of oatmeal adorned with generous chunks of sweet apples, a comforting embrace for your morning.
  • Andean Chuta Bread: Savor the authentic taste of this colonial oven-baked traditional bread, an ode to Peru’s culinary heritage.
  • Omelets of Abundance: Indulge in omelets generously stuffed with a medley of peppers, celery, carrots, radishes, and cheese, a protein-packed start to your day.

Trailside Temptations

Post-breakfast, we provide you with a selection of energy-packed snacks, ensuring you’re fueled for the trails ahead.

  • Bananas: Nature’s energy bar, packed with essential nutrients.
  • Chocolate Bars: A sweet boost of endurance and satisfaction for the journey.
  • Jolly Rancher Candies: A burst of fruity sweetness to keep spirits high.
  • Mandarin Oranges: A zesty refreshment straight from nature’s orchard.
  • Granola Bars: A hearty blend of oats, nuts, and dried fruits for sustained energy.
  • Crisp Apples: Nature’s own refreshment, crunchy and hydrating.
  • Revitalizing Juice: A burst of natural flavors to keep you refreshed and hydrated.

Lunchtime Rejuvenation

After a morning of exhilarating trekking, our lunches strike the perfect balance of sustenance and satisfaction.

  • Asparagus Cream Soup: A velvety concoction to revitalize your senses.
  • Wholesome Quinoa Soup: A Peruvian superfood, hearty and nutritious.
  • Nourishing Vegetable Soup: Packed with vitamins and flavors to refuel your energy.
  • Peruvian Chicken Salad: A flavorful fusion of local ingredients to invigorate your palate.
  • Native Peruvian Potato Chili with Rice & Spinach Cake: A hearty combination of flavors and nutrients.
  • Chicken Rolls: Succulent bites of protein to keep you energized.
  • Fresh Vegetable Salads: A vibrant medley of crispness and vitality.
  • Savory Russian Salads: A symphony of textures and flavors to keep your taste buds engaged.

Teatime Serenity

At 5 pm, we invite you to a tranquil teatime session, a moment of respite and rejuvenation.

  • Assorted Teas: Choose from Coca, Anis, Manzanilla, and Te Puro, each offering its own unique soothing properties.
  • Hot Chocolate: A classic favorite, warm and comforting.
  • Freshly Baked Cookies: A delightful treat to accompany your tea.
  • Crackers with Marmalade, Honey, and Butter: A blend of sweet and savory to satiate your cravings.
  • Popcorn and Crispy Wontons: A playful crunch to add a touch of festivity.


As the day concludes, our chefs orchestrate a three-course dinner that transcends the mountainous terrain.

  • Silken Potato Soup: A velvety start to your evening, comforting and revitalizing.
  • Rice and Vegetable Soup: Wholesome and hearty, a perfect blend of sustenance and flavor.
  • Andean Corn Soup: A chowder-like creation, rich and comforting.
  • Steamed Trout in Mushroom Sauce with Garden Vegetables: A symphony of flavors, a testament to our culinary expertise.
  • Lightly Fried Chicken with Fresh Cut Potato Chips: A satisfying dish that balances indulgence with nutrition.
  • Stir-Fried Noodles with Mushrooms and Steamed Kale: A fusion of textures and flavors, a true delight.
  • Sweet Finale: Choose from Apple and Cinnamon Pudding, Chocolate Cake, or Pudding, or even a surprising mountain treat – Gelatin!

At Andean Soul Adventure, our commitment is to not only take you on an extraordinary trek but to also immerse you in a culinary adventure that mirrors the richness of the Salkantay region. Join us for a amazing Salkantay Trek experience where meals are a celebration of flavor and vitality, a testament to the Andean spirit.

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