Tipon Pikillacta Ruins – Piquillacta Ruins and Andahuaylillas Church


Min: 3350m/10990 ft.. Max: 3700m/12139 ft.


half day

Physical Level


Tour Type

Archeological and Cultural

Group Size

Min 2 people, Max 16 people

Best Season

April to October


The Cusco south valley tour that includes the visit of Tipo, Piquillaqta and Andahualillas is a half day tour to the archaeological remains in the south of Cusco. On this half day tour you will visit three iconic sites of the Inca empire and the Wari culture. The Tipon Pikillacta Ruins and the Andahuaylillas Church.

This is a perfect complement to the Sacred Valley Super Tour. This would give you a complete view of the culture and traditions of the Incas and their history.

This tour lasts about half a day, it is a tour more connected with the local cultural customs.

Southern Valley Tour - tipon water fountains


Sure, here’s a clear and organized version in U.S. English:

The TIPON, PIKILLAQTA, AND ANDAHUAYLILLAS TOUR showcases three magnificent sites south of Cusco, making it an excellent opportunity to acclimate to the high altitude and prepare for any booked treks. The tour is off the usual tourist paths, ensuring a more exclusive experience. TIPON features numerous impressive terraces still in cultivation today. Remarkably, the Inca irrigation system still waters nearby agricultural areas, showcasing precisely carved stone channels that represent a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering. PIKILLAQTA is a vast pre-Inca ruin site with over 700 structures, including 200 Kanchas (departments), 504 Qolqas (storage rooms), and various other buildings that once housed approximately ten thousand people. The city’s layout was harmonious and symmetrical, organized in blocks with straight streets, with walls made from mud and stones—broad at the base and tapering at the top. In the early 1990s, these walls were coated with 9 cm thick mud, then painted with plaster, giving the city a distinctive white appearance due to the thick plaster floors. ANDAHUAYLILLAS features the stunning San Pedro de Andahuaylillas Church, often referred to as “The Sistine Chapel of America” because of its high-quality art pieces. Built in the early 7th century, the church interior is adorned with murals by Luis Riaño from the 17th century and houses a majestic piano, numerous canvases from the Cusco Academy, silver works, and baroque altars.

The tour requires a minimum of 2 passengers for departure (small group, single person, or private/custom treks are possible with an additional fee). The maximum number of trekkers per group is 10, though special private groups may exceed this limit.

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What to Bring?

  • Tourist ticket (not included in price)
  • Sun hat
  • Sun protection cream
  • Waterproof jacket and rain poncho
  • Water
  • Camera


  • 02 Hikers 85 USD per person
  • 03 Hikers 70 USD per person
  • 04 Hikers 50 USD per person
  • 05 Hikers 40 USD per person
  • 06 Hikers + 35 USD per person

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