Peruvian Amazon: Complete Travel Guide


Welcome to the heart of nature’s paradise – the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the three most captivating destinations, each offering a unique blend of wildlife, adventure, and cultural richness. Join us as we explore Puerto Maldonado, Iquitos, and the hidden gem, Manu National Park.

Puerto Maldonado: Gateway to Amazon Marvels


Puerto Maldonado, situated at the southern fringe of the Amazon, beckons with warm temperatures and unparalleled biodiversity. Our team, dedicated to sustainable tourism, partners with lodges fostering low-ecological footprint programs. Immerse yourself in the heart of the rainforest, where the Madre de Dios River intertwines with the Tambopata, offering an authentic Amazon adventure.

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Best Time to Visit

Choose between the dry season (May-October) and the wet season (November-April). Despite some rain in the dry season, it offers less muddy trails, ideal for spotting parrots and macaws at clay licks. The wet season unveils temporal wetlands, making reptiles and amphibians more visible, though with muddy conditions.

Climate & Weather

Experience the distinct dry season from May to October, with occasional cold spells, and the wet season from November to April, marked by more constant rains. The climate ensures a year-round opportunity for an enchanting Amazon experience.


Jungle Immersion

Embark on a wooden boat journey, winding through Amazon waterways to reach remote lodges. Our commitment to ecotourism not only supports local communities but also raises awareness about conservation amidst looming threats.

National Parks

Tambopata National Reserve, spanning 275,000 hectares, showcases stunning Oxbow lakes and diverse habitats. Bahauja-Sonene National Park, protecting tropical humid savanna, complements this biodiversity haven.

Intense Wild Diversity

Marvel at the spectacle of two-thirds of the world’s plant and animal species thriving in the Amazon. From howler monkeys to giant otters and elusive pumas, the rainforest introduces you to a world teeming with life.

Things to Do

  • Clay Licks: Witness flocks of macaws and parrots indulging in clay-eating action, a mesmerizing spectacle along riverbeds.
  • Oxbow Lakes: Explore unique habitats formed over centuries, home to caimans, birds, and families of giant otters.
  • Canopy Tour: Gain a new perspective 103 feet above the rainforest floor at Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica.
  • Jungle Walk: Expert-guided walks through old-growth forests, unveiling hidden wildlife and Amazon vegetation.
  • Local Community Visit: Gain insight into harmonious living with the Amazon at Posada Amazonas.

How to Get to Puerto Maldonado

  • By Air: Convenient daily flights from Lima and Cusco make flying the most time-saving option.
  • By Road: The Transoceanic Highway connects Cusco to Puerto Maldonado, providing a comfortable 10-hour drive.
  • By Boat: Waterways offer scenic connections to jungle lodges and remote indigenous communities.


  • Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica: A 45-minute boat ride from Puerto Maldonado.
  • Refugio Amazonas: A 2-hour transfer (drive + boat) from Puerto Maldonado.
  • Posada Amazonas: A 2-hour transfer (drive + boat) from Puerto Maldonado.

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Iquitos: City of Enchantment


Iquitos, nestled in the Peruvian jungle, unveils a tapestry of experiences. From exploring the Belen floating market to swimming with dolphins and delving into the architectural legacy of the rubber boom, the city offers a blend of cultural richness and natural wonders.

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Best Time to Visit

Embrace the year-round allure of the Amazon, with Iquitos experiencing high water (December to May) and low water (June to November) seasons. Each season presents unique opportunities, from venturing into remote jungle parts during high water to exploring more trails on foot during low water.

Climate & Weather

The warm, tropical climate of Iquitos comes with high humidity and a division between high-water and low-water seasons. Experience average daily temperatures of 30°C (86°F) during high water and slightly warmer temperatures during low water.


Amazon River

The mighty Amazon River, the world’s second-longest, flows through dense tropical jungle, offering endless exploration possibilities. From luxurious cruises to jungle lodge stays, the river presents a panorama of wildlife, including pink river dolphins, and activities like paddle boarding and piranha fishing.

Amazon Cruise

Indulge in the luxury of Amazon cruise packages, promising private cabins with rainforest and river panoramas. It is a pricier option but with the perks of luxury facilities and unforgettable experiences.

Wildlife Diversity

The Peruvian Amazon rainforest, home to diverse species, unveils big-eyed monkeys, vibrant bird species, and unique river creatures. Iquitos’ jungle lodges act as hubs for convenient access to remote reserves.


Embark on a journey through the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, where nature’s wonders unfold at every turn. Whether you choose the southern gateway of Puerto Maldonado or the enchanting city of Iquitos, let this guide be your compass to an unforgettable Amazonian adventure.

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