Juan Carlos

I am Juan Carlos, the founder of AdventureInPeru, a local tour operator based in Cusco, Peru. With over 15 years of professional experience as a tour guide, I specialize in providing immersive and authentic travel experiences in the Machu Picchu and beyond. My deep knowledge of Inca history and culture, combined with a passion for sharing Peru's rich heritage, ensures that every journey with AdventureInPeru is unforgettable.

Inca Trail Weather

Inca Trail Weather

When embarking on the adventure of a lifetime to Machu Picchu via the legendary Inca Trail, one key aspect that demands meticulous consideration is the weather. After all, the allure of this ancient wonder is best experienced under clear skies and with the warm embrace of the sun illuminating the path. In this comprehensive guide,

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Inca Trail Porters - Andean Soul Adventure

Inca Trail Porters

At Adventure in Peru, we believe in not only providing unforgettable experiences on the Inca Trail but also in ensuring that every step of the journey leaves a positive impact. Our commitment extends to the invaluable individuals who make these treks possible – the dedicated Inca Trail porters. Understanding the Inca Trail Trek The Inca

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Inca Trail Food - Andean Soul Adventure

Inca Trail Food

At Andean Soul Adventure, we redefine the boundaries of gastronomic delight on the Inca Trail. With a commitment to using local ingredients and the expertise of indigenous culinary artisans, our treks are a symphony of flavors, a testament to the richness of Peruvian culture. In this article of Inca Trail food, we are going to

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Moray terraces

Moray Ruins

Nestled among the stunning Andes mountains, the Moray ruins are a fascinating ancient site in the Sacred Valley in Peru. They have intrigued researchers and travelers for a long time. The most remarkable feature of Moray is its three groups of circular terraces. These terraces have 12 levels, and the biggest one is an impressive

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