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At Adventure in Peru, we believe in not only providing unforgettable experiences on the Inca Trail but also in ensuring that every step of the journey leaves a positive impact. Our commitment extends to the invaluable individuals who make these treks possible – the dedicated Inca Trail porters.

Understanding the Inca Trail Trek

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru stands as a testament to human ingenuity and natural beauty. This awe-inspiring 4 or 5-day trek spans 28 miles, revealing ancient ruins, majestic peaks, and breathtaking vistas along original stone Inca pathways.

Inca Trail porters

Reaching an altitude of 4,222m at Dead Woman’s Pass, the journey demands resilience and determination. With highlights like Llulluchapampa, Sayamarca, and Wiñay Wayna, every step is a testament to the Inca legacy. Permits, limited to 500 daily, sell out months in advance, underlining the trail’s popularity.

For the short Inca Trail (2-day hike) you don’t need porters, because the first day is hiking and on the same day you are going to arrive at Aguas Calientes, you will sleep there and the next day visit Machu Picchu.

The Backbone: Inca Trail Porters

Originating from the Cusco and Sacred Valley regions, Inca Trail porters are the unsung heroes of this epic journey. Previously subjected to harsh conditions and low wages, they have since gained the protection they deserve. Today, they ensure the comfort and feasibility of the trek for all, often laboring up to 16 hours a day.

Advocating for Porters’ Welfare

The Peruvian government, recognizing the importance of these porters, established crucial regulations in 2001. These rights, which include limits on weight carried, fair compensation, and essential provisions, are overseen by the 10,000-member strong Regional Federation of Porters union.

Andean Soul Adventure’s Commitment to Porters

At Andean Soul Adventure, our porters hail from the villages of Yanahuara, Willoq, Ccorao, and the upper reaches of Ollantaytambo. Predominantly male, these dedicated individuals, aged between 18 and 45, bring a wealth of experience. Fluent in Quechua, and often in Spanish, they form the backbone of our treks.

Carlos, our head guide, once a porter himself, now orchestrates our Inca Trails. His firsthand knowledge ensures that every member of our team is treated with equality and respect. From providing transportation to guaranteeing fair compensation, we prioritize their well-being.

Beyond Basic Provisions

While some companies provide only the essentials, we go further. Tents and mattresses ensure a comfortable night’s rest, and meals are a celebration of local flavors. Our porters receive gifts on special occasions, acknowledging their tireless efforts.

The Weight They Carry

Porters shoulder a maximum of 20kg (5kg for personal items), ensuring they operate within safe limits. Rigorous checkpoints monitor compliance, ensuring their well-being.

Recognizing Their Dedication: Tipping Guidelines

While tipping is not universal, it is deeply ingrained in Peruvian culture. We respect cultural nuances and ensure our porters are fairly compensated. For communal tipping, we suggest USD 10-20 per person per day, covering the guide, cook, and porters on a 4-day trek. Additionally, tipping your personal porter directly with USD 5-7 per person per day is also appreciated.

Building Bridges Through Language

Learning a few Quechua phrases can forge a powerful connection. Simple greetings and expressions show respect for their heritage, enriching your Inca Trail experience.

Fostering Responsible Trekking

At  Adventure on Peru, we maintain continuous communication with our Inca Trail team, prioritizing their welfare. By providing personal porters, we promote local employment and contribute positively to tourism.

Leaving a Legacy

The Inca Trail is more than a hike; it’s an immersion into history and nature. By understanding the pivotal role of porters, appreciating their language, and acknowledging their efforts, you contribute to a responsible and memorable journey.

For more information on how Andean Soul Adventure can help realize your Inca Trail dream, please contact us. Your adventure awaits, with respect at its core.

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