Salkantay Trek in September

Salkantay Trek in September

Ah, September in Cusco, where the final traces of dry spells give way to the gentle patter of rain, ushering in a new season. It’s the perfect time for the intrepid traveler to embark on the illustrious Salkantay Trek, a trail that promises vistas beyond imagination. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the wonders and challenges of tackling the Salkantay Trek in September, ensuring you’re well-prepared for an adventure of a lifetime!

What to Expect:

Nature’s Palette:

As September ushers in the transition from dry to wet, the landscape undergoes a spectacular transformation. The once parched earth awakens with a burst of color, as vibrant wildflowers dot the trail, painting a picturesque scene against the backdrop of the towering Andean peaks. Be prepared to be captivated by nature’s own canvas!

Fewer Crowds, More Intimacy:

With tourism tapering off post-peak season, September gifts you with the luxury of solitude amidst nature’s grandeur. This quieter atmosphere allows for a more intimate connection with the environment, letting you soak in the serenity and majesty of the Andes in their undisturbed glory.

Weather Whims:

September straddles the cusp between dry and wet seasons, so be ready for a bit of both! While the days are typically sunny and mild, the evenings might bring a sprinkle of rain. Pack layers and waterproof gear to adapt to Mother Nature’s mood swings, and relish the refreshing touch of a September shower.

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Pros and Cons:


  1. Spectacular Scenery: September treats trekkers to an unparalleled visual feast, with lush foliage and blooming flora enhancing the already awe-inspiring vistas.
  2. Peaceful Trails: The dwindling tourist numbers mean more tranquility, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the natural wonders around you.
  3. Milder Temperatures: Bid farewell to extreme heat and cold; September offers comfortable trekking conditions, making every step a pleasure.


  1. Variable Weather: The transition season can be unpredictable, so pack wisely to prepare for potential rain showers in the evenings.
  2. Muddy Trails: Occasional rain might render some parts of the trail muddy, so sturdy footwear with good traction is essential.


Gear Up Smart:

Pack strategically, with waterproof layers, sturdy boots, and a reliable rain cover for your backpack. Don’t forget a good quality sleeping bag to keep you snug during chilly nights.

Acclimatize and Energize:

Spend a few days in Cusco prior to the trek to acclimatize to the altitude. Indulge in the local cuisine to fuel your body for the adventure ahead!

Go with a Guide:

While independent treks are possible, a seasoned guide can provide invaluable insights, ensure safety, and enrich your experience with tales of the trail.

In conclusion, September on the Salkantay Trek is a tapestry of nature’s wonders waiting to be unraveled. With its lush landscapes, fewer crowds, and comfortable temperatures, it’s a gem of a month for this iconic trek. Just be prepared for a sprinkle of rain, and you’re set for an adventure of a lifetime! So, gear up and let the mountains weave their magic on you!

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