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Embarking on a journey to Cusco, the heart of the ancient Inca Empire, presents an adventure steeped in history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. As the gateway to the majestic Machu Picchu, Cusco offers a rich tapestry of experiences that vary widely across different times of the year. This blog of What is the best time to visit Cusco, brought to you by Adventure In Peru, will help you navigate through the seasons to find the best time for your Cusco adventure.

cusco elevation

Cusco sits at an elevation of 3399 m. 11,150 ft once you land you may feel altitude sickness That is why we recommend taking it easy the first 2 days the first day you can just explore the downtown of Cusco and the second day you can visit the sacred valley a perfect way to acclimate to the altitude, or you can go to the sacred valley and stay there for 2 days and then you will be fine to explore all around Cuscos attractions

Understanding Cusco’s Seasons

Cusco’s unique location in the Andes Mountains gives it a distinct seasonal pattern, dividing the year into the dry season and the rainy season. Each season offers its own set of attractions and challenges, making your travel experience vastly different depending on when you visit.

The Dry Season (May to October)

The dry season, spanning from May to October, is marked by sunny days and cool nights. This period is considered the best time to visit Cusco, also is perfect for trekking, sightseeing, and participating in outdoor activities, thanks to the minimal rainfall and clear skies.

  • Weather: Expect warm days with temperatures around 16°C (61°F) and cooler nights, sometimes dropping to 0°C (32°F). The dry air and clear skies provide excellent conditions for hiking and photography.
  • Crowds: This is the peak tourist season in Cusco, with significant attractions like Machu Picchu seeing a high number of visitors. Planning ahead is crucial to secure accommodations and tour bookings.
  • Festivals: Cusco comes alive with vibrant festivals during these months. The most famous, Inti Raymi, takes place in June, offering a spectacular glimpse into the Incan traditions.

Table 1: Dry Season Highlights

May-OctoberWarm days, cool nightsHighIdeal for trekking, vibrant festivals

The Rainy Season (November to April)

The rainy season transforms Cusco into a lush, vibrant landscape with daily rain showers that are typically short but intense. This time of year showcases a different side of the region, with fewer tourists and a more relaxed atmosphere.

  • Weather: The weather is slightly warmer than during the dry season, with daytime temperatures averaging 18°C (64°F). Rainfall peaks in January, making some trails less accessible.
  • Crowds: Visitor numbers dwindle, providing a more intimate experience of Cusco’s attractions. Accommodation prices tend to be lower, and last-minute bookings are more feasible.
  • Landscape: The increased rainfall brings life to the flora, offering picturesque green landscapes not seen during the dry months.

Table 2: Rainy Season Highlights

November-AprilWarmer days, frequent rainLowerLush landscapes, intimate experiences

Shoulder Seasons (April, May, September, October)

The months on the cusp of the main seasons, April, May, September, and October, offer a balanced experience with the benefits of both the dry and rainy seasons.

  • Weather: These months feature mild weather with less rainfall than the wet season and slightly cooler temperatures than the peak dry months.
  • Crowds: With fewer tourists than during peak season, these months offer a chance to explore Cusco with more freedom and less competition for viewing major sites.
  • Value: Accommodations and tours may offer shoulder season discounts, providing excellent value for your travel budget.

Altitude Considerations

Regardless of the season, Cusco’s high altitude (approximately 3,350 meters or 11,152 feet above sea level) can affect visitors. It’s important to plan for acclimatization time, stay hydrated, and take it easy during the first few days of your visit.

Choosing Your Perfect Time to Visit Cusco

For Trekking Enthusiasts

If trekking is a priority, the dry season offers the best conditions for hitting the trails, including the famous Inca Trail. The clear weather provides stunning views and safer hiking conditions.

For Culture and Festival Seekers

For those interested in experiencing Cusco’s rich cultural heritage and festivals, timing your visit around the Inti Raymi festival in June or other cultural celebrations can provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For Nature Lovers

Visitors drawn to the lush landscapes and vibrant flora will find the rainy season to be a magical time. The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and surrounding areas are particularly beautiful with their verdant appearance.

For Budget Travelers

Budget-conscious travelers can take advantage of lower prices and fewer crowds by visiting during the rainy season or shoulder months. This period offers a more relaxed pace and the opportunity to explore Cusco without the peak season’s hustle and bustle.

Practical Tips for Your Visit

  • Pack Smartly: Layered clothing is key, as temperatures can vary significantly throughout the day. Waterproof gear is essential for the rainy season.
  • Book Early: Especially during the dry season, it’s wise to book your accommodations and tours well in advance to secure the best options.
  • Stay Healthy: Pay attention to altitude sickness symptoms and take preventive measures like acclimatizing properly and staying hydrated.

Month-by-Month Weather Guide for Cusco

Adding a month-by-month weather guide can help travelers plan their visit to Cusco and choose the best time of the year with a better understanding of what to expect weather-wise throughout the year. This detailed breakdown gives insights into temperature fluctuations, rainfall patterns, and general climate conditions for each month, allowing for optimal travel planning.


  • Weather: Warm days with average highs around 18°C (64°F), frequent rain showers.
  • Rainfall: High, with January being one of the wettest months.
  • Travel Tip: Pack waterproof gear and plan for indoor activities as backup.


  • Weather: Similar to January with warm days and significant rainfall.
  • Rainfall: Continues to be high, affecting trekking paths.
  • Travel Tip: Great time for cultural exploration in the city, but less ideal for treks.


  • Weather: Transitioning towards drier conditions, but still with considerable rain.
  • Rainfall: Begins to decrease towards the end of the month.
  • Travel Tip: The landscape is lush and green, perfect for photographers.


  • Weather: Marked improvement in dry days, and warmer temperatures.
  • Rainfall: Diminishes significantly, making outdoor activities more appealing.
  • Travel Tip: Excellent month for early bird trekkers to beat the high season crowds.


  • Weather: Start of the dry season with clear, sunny days, and cooler nights.
  • Rainfall: Minimal, landscapes remain green and vibrant.
  • Travel Tip: Ideal time for trekking and visiting Machu Picchu with fewer crowds.


  • Weather: Dry and sunny, with some of the best weather conditions of the year.
  • Rainfall: Very low, almost nonexistent.
  • Travel Tip: Busy month due to the Inti Raymi festival and summer vacations; book in advance.


  • Weather: Peak of the dry season; sunny days, cold nights.
  • Rainfall: Lowest rainfall levels, ensuring clear skies.
  • Travel Tip: Warm clothing for evenings is a must; consider solar chargers as days are sunny.


  • Weather: Continuation of dry conditions, beginning of gradual warming.
  • Rainfall: Still minimal, maintaining excellent conditions for outdoor adventures.
  • Travel Tip: This is the last chance for peak dry season trekking before crowds start to lessen.


  • Weather: Slight increase in rainfall, but still predominantly dry and pleasant.
  • Rainfall: Light, occasional showers returning.
  • Travel Tip: Great month for those seeking a balance between good weather and smaller crowds.


  • Weather: Warmer days as Cusco moves towards the wet season, with increased cloud cover.
  • Rainfall: Gradual increase in rain, especially towards the end of the month.
  • Travel Tip: Enjoy the transition period with the last of the dry season trekking conditions.


  • Weather: Warmer temperatures, with the rainy season beginning to set in.
  • Rainfall: Noticeable increase, preparing the landscape for its lush green phase.
  • Travel Tip: Less crowded, good for travelers looking to explore Cusco’s cultural sites.


  • Weather: Warm, with frequent afternoon showers typical of the wet season.
  • Rainfall: High, but interspersed with sunny spells.
  • Travel Tip: Festive atmosphere with Christmas and New Year celebrations; book accommodations early.

This month-by-month guide aims to help you choose the best time for your visit based on your preferences, whether it’s sunny trekking conditions, cultural festivals, or the lush beauty of the rainy season. Remember, Cusco’s high altitude means temperatures can drop significantly at night, so packing layers is always recommended, regardless of the month.


Cusco’s diverse seasons each offer unique experiences, from the vibrant festivals and perfect trekking conditions of the dry season to the lush landscapes and peaceful atmosphere of the rainy season. By considering your priorities and using this guide to plan, you can choose the best time to visit Cusco for your Adventure In Peru, ensuring an unforgettable journey to the heart of the Inca empire.

Embark on your adventure with the knowledge that, no matter when you decide to visit, Cusco will present you with a wealth of experiences, each with its own charm and beauty. Adventure In Peru is here to help you every step of the way, making sure your visit to Cusco is nothing short of magical.

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