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June is a popular time for hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, offering adventurers a unique experience filled with breathtaking landscapes and ancient ruins. While there are certain challenges to consider, with proper preparation and planning, hiking the Inca Trail in June can be an incredible adventure. In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of hiking the Inca Trail during this month, providing you with valuable information to help you make an informed decision.

Things to Know

Before embarking on your Inca Trail adventure in June, it’s important to gather relevant information. Here are some key details to consider:

  • Duration: The Inca Trail typically takes around 4 days to complete, covering approximately 26 miles (42 kilometers) of ancient pathways.
  • Permits: To hike the Inca Trail, you’ll need to obtain a permit, which is limited to a certain number of people each day. It’s crucial to secure your permit well in advance, as they can sell out quickly, especially during the peak season.
  • Altitude: The trail reaches high altitudes, with the highest point at 13,829 feet (4,215 meters) above sea level. Acclimatization is essential, and it’s recommended to spend a few days in Cusco to adjust before starting the hike.
  • Physical fitness: The Inca Trail involves moderate to challenging terrain, including steep ascents and descents. Prior physical preparation is advisable to ensure a more enjoyable experience.
  • Guides and porters: Hiring a licensed guide is mandatory for hiking the Inca Trail. Porters can also be hired to assist with carrying camping equipment and personal belongings.

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Why Hike Inca Trail in June (Pros)

Despite the challenges, hiking the Inca Trail in June offers several advantages:

  • Scenic beauty: June marks the end of the rainy season in Peru, resulting in lush green landscapes and vibrant flora along the trail. The breathtaking views of the Andes Mountains and the stunning ruins of Machu Picchu are truly awe-inspiring.
  • Fewer crowds: Compared to the peak months of July and August, June sees fewer visitors on the trail, allowing for a more intimate and serene hiking experience. You’ll have more opportunities to enjoy the trail’s beauty and explore the ruins without feeling crowded.
  • Mild temperatures: June offers pleasant temperatures during the day, ranging from 50°F to 68°F (10°C to 20°C), making hiking more comfortable compared to the colder months. The nights can be chilly, so proper clothing is essential.
  • Cultural immersion: June coincides with the Inti Raymi festival in Cusco, a vibrant celebration of the Inca sun god. This provides an opportunity to witness traditional ceremonies and immerse yourself in Peruvian culture.

Why Not Hike Inca Trail in June (Cons)

While there are advantages to hiking the Inca Trail in June, it’s important to be aware of the potential drawbacks:

  • Rainfall: Although June falls at the end of the rainy season, there is still a possibility of rain showers. It’s crucial to pack appropriate rain gear and be prepared for wet and muddy sections along the trail.
  • Landslides: The rain can increase the risk of landslides, particularly in areas with steep slopes. It’s important to stay informed about trail conditions and follow any instructions or warnings from the authorities.
  • Limited availability: Due to its popularity, securing permits for hiking the Inca Trail in June can be challenging. It’s advisable to book your permits well in advance to ensure availability during your desired travel dates.


In June, the weather along the Inca Trail can vary, so it’s essential to be prepared for different conditions. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Temperature: During the day, temperatures range from 50°F to 68°F (10°C to 20°C), offering comfortable hiking conditions. However, at night, temperatures can drop significantly, reaching lows of 32°F to 41°F (0°C to 5°C). Layered clothing is recommended to adapt to temperature changes throughout the day.
  • Rainfall: While June marks the end of the rainy season, occasional rain showers are still possible. It’s advisable to pack waterproof clothing, such as a rain jacket and pants, to stay dry during wet weather.
  • Humidity: The humidity levels in June are generally lower compared to the wetter months, offering a more pleasant hiking experience. However, humidity can vary, so it’s important to pack moisture-wicking clothing to stay comfortable.


To ensure a successful and enjoyable hike along the Inca Trail in June, consider the following recommendations:

  • Plan and book in advance: As June is a popular time to hike the Inca Trail, it’s crucial to plan and book your permits, accommodations, and transportation well in advance. This will help secure your desired dates and ensure a smooth experience.
  • Pack appropriately: Pack essential items such as comfortable hiking boots, moisture-wicking clothing, a rain jacket, a warm hat, gloves, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a sturdy backpack. Don’t forget essentials like a headlamp, reusable water bottles, and snacks.
  • Train and acclimatize: Prior physical training and acclimatization are vital for a successful hike. Engage in regular cardio exercises and consider spending a few days in Cusco or at a similar altitude before starting the trail to acclimate to the higher elevation.
  • Stay hydrated and nourished: Drink plenty of water along the trail to stay hydrated, as the high altitude can cause dehydration. Carry snacks and meals that provide sustained energy, such as trail mix, energy bars, and lightweight, nutritious meals.
  • Follow sustainable practices: Respect the environment and cultural heritage by following Leave No Trace principles. Dispose of waste properly and be mindful of the trail’s flora and fauna.

June Events in Cusco

Aside from the Inca Trail, June in Cusco offers a variety of cultural events and festivals to enhance your overall experience. Here are some notable events to look out for:

  • Inti Raymi: Celebrated on June 24th, Inti Raymi is an ancient Inca festival honoring the sun god. It features colorful processions, traditional dances, and reenactments of ancient rituals. Attending this festival provides a deeper understanding of Inca culture and traditions.
  • Corpus Christi: This Catholic festival occurs in early June and combines Christian and Andean traditions. It features processions, traditional music, and vibrant street decorations, creating a lively atmosphere throughout Cusco.
  • Artisan Markets: Explore the local artisan markets in Cusco, such as the San Pedro Market and the Cusco Handicraft Market. These markets offer a wide array of handmade crafts, textiles, and souvenirs, allowing you to support local artisans and bring home unique mementos.

By considering these events, you can further immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the region and make your visit to Cusco even more memorable.


Hiking the Inca Trail in June offers incredible opportunities to witness stunning natural landscapes, experience Peruvian culture, and explore ancient ruins. While there are challenges such as potential rainfall and limited availability, proper preparation and a positive mindset can help overcome these obstacles. By researching and understanding the weather conditions, securing permits in advance, and packing appropriate gear, you can have a successful and rewarding hiking experience along the Inca Trail in June.

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